As our little business grows and expands, we've adopted a new name to better describe our mission.

As we begin to operate under our new name: The Teacher's Learning Collaboration, we look forward to starting to offer educators inspiring institutes in a variety of subject areas, throughout different times during the year.

Thank you for growing with us, and stay tuned for the new and exciting plans ahead!


As educators, we know the importance of the work we do, and we know the value of modelling what it means to be a life long learner.  But as educators, we also know the pressures that are continually put on schools as the language of standardized testing or accountability are continually heard. 

Our goal with the The Teacher's Learning Collaboration is to maintain our focus on what really matters in developing students with a love for life-long learning.

In our 2018 season, we are thrilled to be able to welcome both Ralph Fletcher and Georgia Heard to Saskatoon, as we reflect deeply on our literacy practices. This institute is a chance to spend three full days with these two outstanding educators, as we discover how to "reclaim the heart and joy of writing".

We hope you can join us.

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